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Research Methods and Evaluating Claims

Scientific Misteachings - by Barbara A. Drescher - lists some common misunderstandings of scientific concepts in research

A Wolf in Sheep's Labcoat - by Mike McRae - PowerPoint presentation about pseudoscience in the 21st century

Warning Signs - by Barbara A. Drescher - some indications that research reports or claims may not be of the best quality


First Contact: Teaching Evolution to Middle Level Students - by Vince Sperrazza - Teaching suggestions from a teacher with over 30 years of experience

Teaching Methods

Why Can't a Teacher Be More Like a Scientist? Science, Pseudoscience and the Art of Teaching - Article by Carter Wheldall published in the Australiasian Journal of Special Education

Using Reason to Improve Understanding of Research Methods: an Analogic Approach - poster presented by Barbara Drescher at Association for Psychological Sciences Annual Convention discussing the teaching of scientific methods by comparing research to simple deductive syllogisms

Teaching of Courses in the Science and Pseudoscience of Psychology: Useful Resources - Article by Lilienfeld, Lohr, and Morier published in Teaching of Psychology

Recommendations for Making Geoscience Data Accessible and Usable in Education - an article published in Eos by DAWG collective

Research on Beliefs

The West Australian Skeptics Awards for Young Critical Writers: Investigations and Questions about Future Directions when Studying High School Students’ Beliefs in the Pseudoscientific and the Paranormal - presentation by Kylie Sturgess at TAM5

Files for Promotion of CTEG

Post Card "Flyer" - This file is a letter-size pdf on which two sides of a postcard are printed. Great for "take one" tables at conferences & meetings. Includes a short history (will need to be changed in a few months) and the basic mission statement along with the URL for our home page.